About 19 years ago I decided that I wanted to do something in the memory of my late mother Stella, something I thought I could maybe share with my yet to be born children that could teach them something about the fiber of their genealogy.   I decided in the spirit of  Thanksgiving and my mothers own inability to turn away a hungry soul that I would on the eve of Thanksgiving give out some uncooked Turkey dinners (CARE BOXES) at a super market we used to shop at with my mother.   The feeling of giving to someone and really seeing the appreciation on their faces was so inspiring I could not wait for each year to do it again.  When my first daughter Arianna was born, I took her with me at 4 months old to follow through on my promise to myself to infuse this tradition in to my children.  

 Over the last few years as people began to find out about this tradition, I found myself getting donations from people to help supplement our little cause.  I never asked for anyone's help.  In fact, I found myself a little shy and selfish many times hoping not to get any donations at all.  As my children have grown they have taught me lessons of humility, as children often do, and one has been to accept the help of others especially when in the end it is helping many more.   I now realize that revealing this tradition to people can only teach and expand the spirit of what I originally set out to do many years ago, and that realization has led me to create this page. 

Please remember I do not need donations to go forward with my plan as I have a network now that is quite helpful but every year it grows with your help.  To date I estimate that we have fed over 5000 families for Thanksgiving over the years that is hard to believe. Below is a map that outlines the families we donated to l

last year 600 in total quite a feat not possible without your help. 

In addition to the items listed below, if there is anyone who knows of a way I can get turkeys in large quantities please call contact me as this is always a problem every year to due in a cost efficient manner.

Canned vegetables
Boxed Instant Mashed Potatoes
Boxed or bagged Stuffing Mix
Canned or jar Gravy
Canned Cranberry Sauce
Fresh Pies or Desserts
Fresh Bread
A Frozen Turkey 17-25 pounds

The items in red are obviously not something we can get before Thanksgiving week, anything else I am taking donations for until November 21st.  At that point I will be sorting out what I have and be producing a detailed list of what I need and quantities with any overage being donated to a local charity.
If you want to help please feel free to contact me for any info at all, if you are not sure where to drop off items, a simple solution could be to leave it for me at the bowling center, or if you would like contact me and I could pick it up or arrange for you to drop it off to me personally.

Please do not feel obligated to help but know that if you do it will help preserve the the spirit of our tradition.

Lastly do not make a big deal out of what we do or have done it is but a little pebble of what we could do, and there are many people out there far more deserving of praise than I.

If you have read to this point, Thank you if for nothing else for your time....